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"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

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A Cry For Help

Ok I admit there is a lot of violent flash cartoons on this site hell Ive made some. But there was something different when I watched this months ago. One the guy refers to himself as regret. Thats sign number one. His style of flash should be a second sign and the way he presents himself through his responses and synopsis is another hint that this kids troubled. I feel sorry for the kid in a way because nobody would take the time to understand him. However he deserves every bit of pain and suffering he shall endure for doing what he did. He was a very talented flash artist although his taste of senseless violence was horrific in a tupac way. Now I know this has been getting reviewed by the media so I will say this. Just because this kid makes a violent flash or played a violent video game doesn't mean that this site nor video games nor tv made him do it. He was a kid who had problems that me nor anyone else could ever go through. What killed him and the other kids was not a video game or flash cartoon, but a kid who had no one to turn to. A kid who wanted to fit in and was mislead to believe his life meant nothing. We dont stand a chance against people like him if we keep on blamming everything but ourselves. Kids need attention. So give it to them

Teal Man Adv. Teal Man Adv.

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Strange yet stupid
But thats just what I think.......:)

fathamburger responds:

Thanks for being closed-minded.

The Adventures of SBC 2-1 The Adventures of SBC 2-1

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Im not a big fan of clock made flashes or the cheezy little voices thats used in making them however, I caught myself watching this one all the way through and I have to say its the best clock work ive seen. Im still not a big fan of the clock flash shit but I liked this bit good job

SamFisherClock responds:


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SF Interactive SF Interactive

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This game has too many bugs to mention when you try to execute a move it fucks up did you even test this before uploading it I dont think you did. Its a good concept but it needs to be fixed VERY BADLY..........
But thats just what I think.....:)
0 out of ****

Squeeby responds:

Sorry about the bugs =S I'm just not to great at programming so yeh, I dunno how to fix it.

Gigantic soundboard! Gigantic soundboard!

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I dont know if you realize what soundboards are used for. ANyhow they are used for making prank calls a good example of this is on ebaumsworld
Especially the pulp fiction sounds in which ebaumsworld already did. If you go to the site you see what im talking about. These soundboards wouldn't be able to be used in making prank calls cause they have pauses in between them and theres no possible way to use them in making calls.
Nice try though..
But thats just what I think.....:)
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Darwin7 responds:

Ummm... I don't know if you realize that they don't STRICTLY HAVE TO BE USED FOR PRANK PHONE CALLS! What the fuck? I don't know what you are talking about, sound bites are to be listened to. Like in this soundboard.

Napoleon Dynamite Soundbo Napoleon Dynamite Soundbo

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Nice Sound

But being that the movie totally sucked and nothing really funny about the movie nor the soundboard I have to say CRAP. I dont even see how this made it but thats just what I think......:)
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