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"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

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A Cry For Help

Ok I admit there is a lot of violent flash cartoons on this site hell Ive made some. But there was something different when I watched this months ago. One the guy refers to himself as regret. Thats sign number one. His style of flash should be a second sign and the way he presents himself through his responses and synopsis is another hint that this kids troubled. I feel sorry for the kid in a way because nobody would take the time to understand him. However he deserves every bit of pain and suffering he shall endure for doing what he did. He was a very talented flash artist although his taste of senseless violence was horrific in a tupac way. Now I know this has been getting reviewed by the media so I will say this. Just because this kid makes a violent flash or played a violent video game doesn't mean that this site nor video games nor tv made him do it. He was a kid who had problems that me nor anyone else could ever go through. What killed him and the other kids was not a video game or flash cartoon, but a kid who had no one to turn to. A kid who wanted to fit in and was mislead to believe his life meant nothing. We dont stand a chance against people like him if we keep on blamming everything but ourselves. Kids need attention. So give it to them

Teal Man Adv. Teal Man Adv.

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Strange yet stupid
But thats just what I think.......:)

fathamburger responds:

Thanks for being closed-minded.

The Adventures of SBC 2-1 The Adventures of SBC 2-1

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Im not a big fan of clock made flashes or the cheezy little voices thats used in making them however, I caught myself watching this one all the way through and I have to say its the best clock work ive seen. Im still not a big fan of the clock flash shit but I liked this bit good job

SamFisherClock responds:


That Halo Parody 6 That Halo Parody 6

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Im sorry

But i did not find this funny at all. It has something to do with the voices the fact you tried to disguised your voice as the second character or atleast it sounded like it. ANyways the animation was poor the story was rather idiotic and I love the game halo and still didnt get the point of this after watching it.
But thats just what I think......:)
0 out of ****

TheComet responds:

this was a tad weak, I admit it. check out some of the older episodes, they score 3.20+3.40 (aside from the sprite episode (not SE) and the halo 2 trailor parody).
I didn't do the second guy's voice as well as I usually do though, I started getting a sore throut after a few hundred outtakes to say 1 stupid line lol. (to make that voice, I have to talk with as little air coming out of my mouth as possible and stuttering it a bit, basically talking as lightly as possible without any soft tone...hurts the throut after awhile)

I'll make improvements from here on.

Doodieman: The Hero's Loa Doodieman: The Hero's Loa

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Anyways that was funny Id like to see some more Doodieman flash movies but next time can you do without the music and maybe add some voices especially with Doodieman I know theres a good voice in us all for his type of character lol
Maybe get him involved with a villan like Constipated Man. The guy who doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone!
Lol But thats just what i think!

Storybook 1: Synj Storybook 1: Synj

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Its not funny

Nor creative thanks for the warning though. The only reason I gave you a 10 was not cause it was funny or atleast made me giggle in any way nor did I like this flash at all. The only reason you got a 10 is Because the Chick was hot kinda reminds me of the chick from American Pie (Alyson Hannigan)
In reality Dustball you werent the one that got a 10 I gave the girl a perfect 10. Your movie was silly and ridiculous lol you and Sinj look like American idol rejects and the other guy that walks in with the Geronimo pig tails well lets just say.......
But thats just what I think......:)
10 for the girl
0 out of **** for you!

Dustball responds:

So... my wife is hot, and I get a 10. It's a win win situation! Thanks!

Cold October Day Cold October Day

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But still somehow not very well done. The sound was excellent I give you that but it was too short didnt make much since and not only that but you didnt have a pre Loader and that may make quite a few people not watch or think that the movie doesn't work. It was very unique and you got something here if you can just re arrange how you went about doing this I think you may have a good flash on your hands just improve it
But thats just what I think......:)
1 out of ****

SuperSniperRed responds:

Wow, man, thanks! I'll work on it to the next one. On one note though, it was not at all supposed to be a clear message. Many people did not understand it, and that effect is what I wanted. The preloader is definently getting some major work on. Thanks for the review/ideas!

Stick some in ya Stick some in ya

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Nothing New

Stick animations are getting so old. Please the only Stick fighting toons that are worth any good is Xiao Xiao
This isn't very good I dont think I mean it was a good try this would be very good if you had better Musi and sound effects along with actually drawing characters or atleast better looking stick characters like in the CS flashes Nice try though for an already wore out Stick Genre
But thats just what I think........:)
1/2 out of ****

infilltration ep 1 infilltration ep 1

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If I won a Million Dollars

For every typo I saw in this movie I would be a VERY rich man. The animations like I said were "GOOD" for a n00b being this was your first one I have to say you actually tried unlike some people do. I give you credit for that but Please make a story that makes since and if it doesn't make sense make it into a way that PEOPLE KNOW ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE.
Anyways this was bad
But thats Just What I think.....:)
0 Out of ****

infilltration ep 2 infilltration ep 2

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I hope your not American

This was crap dude the animations were good for a quote un quote " N00b Flash Animator" but the story sucked your grammer was all of i didnt even understand some of the things you had in there never the less the freaking story didnt make a bit of since neither did you r first one if you DO make a third one and I say if you DO. Please DO IT BETTER!